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2001 - 2005

My Passion for the IT world started in the late 90's, and that's why I've chosen to continue my High School studies in this field.

In High School (Mathematics and Informatics, Anghel Saligny, Braila, Romania) the curriculum covered mostly programming in C++, and very basic front end stuff (like HTML), but because of my early passion for web and software development, I've been involved in an ERASMUS exchange program called "New Technologies - Multimedia and internet".

I've also been awarded several times, in various local programming competitions.

2006 - 2010

After High School, I decided to pursue a career in shipbuilding as that was probably the main activity in the region.

I got my Bachelor's Degree in Naval Architecture (from Lower Danube University in Galati, Romania) in the summer of 2010.

Besides the specific technical classes, the University curriculum also included programming in C++ and VBA (in Microsoft Excel).

2010 - 2012

In October 2010 I've been accepted into the Master's programme of the same University.

In February 2011 I already started working full-time in the shipbuilding industry (while continuing the studies).

In the summer of 2012 I've passed all the exams but unfortunately didn't manage to finish my Master's thesis in time.


The study period has definitely continued even after the institutionalized education. I've always been able to find good resources to learn on my own, especially in the field of software and web development. And, to be perfectly honest, keeping up with the latest technologies and practices became a part of who I am.

Because people are saying that having these on your profile is important, some of those trainings (the ones that would provide some certificate of completion 😊 and Laracasts, the one I consider the most relevant) below: