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Hi! I am Angelin Calu👋

Born in Braila, Romania, currently living in Turku, Finland, father of two, engineer, entrepreneur, passionate about technology in general, started coding years before Stackoverflow launched (I'm referring to a certain period when developers used <table> elements to define the layout for a web page and combining PHP and HTML in same file was the standard. Grose, I know, but guess what, the popular CMS wordpress still does it that way.).

Experienced in building extensive SaaS applications from designing (lately preferring Figma as a main tool) to writing both front and backend end logic (Full-Stack), testing, deployment, including basic server management tasks.

Always curious and always eager to learn, found my place among some amazing people at Identio. Please feel free to browse around, and don't hesitate to reach out, for whatever reason.

Latest Posts

Happy birthday to me!

I had a really full year, which only made me want more (from myself) for the next one.

July 28th 2021

2 minute(s) read.

Tackling challenges

Found myself another challenge to tackle. Here's how I'm doing (Updating post!)

January 25th 2021

2 minute(s) read.

Easy visual confirmation in React

Looking for an easy way to display a visual confirmation on a specific user event? Here's how I've done it for this blog.

January 18th 2021

2 minute(s) read.

Code to impress

I've been given a chance to show my coding skills. What should I do?

January 7th 2021

4 minute(s) read.

Welcome to my brand new website!

Showcase what I did already and what I’m planning to do next

January 1st 2021

2 minute(s) read.

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Here are some words from a few of the colleagues or collaborators:

"Angelin is an embodiment of agile software development. He’s a fast learner, supportive teammate and endlessly interested in modern web technologies. By being his teacher, I in turn learned valuable tidbits about web development."

Perttu TuovinenSoftware developer and ICT-instructor, Buutti Oy

"Besides his engineering responsibilities, Mr. Calu Angelin took initiative and developed and implemented several software solutions (involving his programming skills) which automated some of the tasks done to produce part of our deliverable technical documentation."

Petrica NeculaEngineering Director at Icepronav Engineering SRL

"While working for our company the employee was assigned as Team Leader, being responsible for leading, supervising and coordinating a team of engineers and draftpersons, reporting directly to the Project Manager."

Petrica NeculaEngineering Director at Icepronav Engineering SRL

"Angelin Calu was a valuable engineer and I was pleased to have him in my department."

Popescu Daniel-CiprianVice President Technical at Vard Braila